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As my ex-girlfriend once said, "No outfit can be complete without accessories".  I asked her what accessories are, and she was so shocked that dumped me. To this day, I still don't have a clue what accessories are. (I also don't know what I did wrong.)


Although I still don't know what the term "accessories" actually means, I do know a great hat when I see one. And my goodness, is this a great quality hat. Some would say that this hat "fits the bill".

Not only does it shield your head from the sun, but it also lets you think about your life choices and ask yourself philosophical questions to help you improve your life.

Questions that would make the greatest philosophers in history, Plato and Aristotle, both simultanously swell with pride, and be jealous that they didn't think of these profound questions first - such as: "Why don't I have a delicious box of donuts right now?", "When will I ever find out what accessories actually are?", "Does everything truly happen for a reason?", "How did they get Paul Rudd to actually become the size of an ant in the movie Ant Man?", and the like.

Order your Chickenbutt Donuts hat today!

Chickenbutt Donuts Hat

Excluding Sales Tax
Color: Gray
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