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Legend has it: underneath the depths of Lake Murray lies a monster. Ostracized from society, he lies in waiting, looking for his chance to rise up from the depths of our ancient lake, to be seen once again.


(At least, that’s what a random older man I met at the Rusty Anchor once told me. This man looked like he spent most of his life out at sea, and he also claimed to be the 8th cousin, twice removed, of Captain Ahab himself. Could he have been related to the same Captain Ahab, of Moby Dick fame? He did sound like a stereotypical pirate. That may be another Lake Murray Legend, for another day...)


To be fair though, our society’s definition of “ancient” is apparently anything before the year 2005. According to today’s generation, everything that was cool back in 2005, and everything that was cool during the years that Ancient Mesopotamia actually existed, are “basically the same thing”. I mean, the audacity of that comparison is astounding. The person who said that, definitely won’t be in my Top 8 on MySpace, I’ll tell you that much!


Back to the Lake Murray Monster: he spent years underneath the water, at unfathomable depths, where submarines have never gone (Mainly because…well, who would put a submarine on an inland lake that’s 358 feet above sea level?)


But what if that “monster” wasn’t actually a monster at all? What if he was just misunderstood by society? Legend has it that he wanted to be a Chef, but the only frame of reference he had was an empty can of Chef Boyardee that sunk to the bottom of the lake. Yet, he persevered on anyway. He certainly can make a donut with a monstrous amount of flavor.


Maybe - just maybe - that “monster” wasn’t actually a monster at all. Maybe all the Lake Murray Monster monster needs, is to be understood.


If you stand with the monster, or at least have heard of the legend, this shirt is the one for you. Because monster lives matter, too.

Lake Murray Monster T-Shirt

Excluding Sales Tax
Color: White with Purple Sleeves
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