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We have the donuts you need

Chickenbutt Donuts started with a town, a team, and dream, and what a sweet dream it has been. Since the dawn of recorded time (okay, maybe not that far back), the Dabney's toiled away at their boring corporate lives. Yearning - nay - dreaming of a sweeter gig than a stuffy world full of spreadsheets, TPS reports, and bosses stating that things would be great. With every fiber of thier being, they believed they were destined for something sweeter.

In order to truly chase greatness, they did what few have the willpower to do: they gave up the stuffy corporate life for the sweetest gig of all: opening up a donut shop in Chapin, South Carolina.

Since 2018, Chickenbutt Donuts has served thousands of delicious donuts to the fine folks who travel far and wide to get a taste of their legendary donuts and extreme variety of toppings.

Chickenbutt Donuts Interior.jpg


Inspiring and Changing The World, One Donut At A Time

Visit our shop to see fresh donuts being made before your very eyes.

We may not have a Hot and Ready sign out front, but when you have donuts that are this good, you don't really need to advertise it with a large neon sign.

We do share something in common with neon signs however: when we're open, we're always buzzing with activity.

Instead of an astronomically large neon sign outside of our shop that is trademarked by "Big Donut" (as we like to call it, so we don't have to pay royalties to a competitor), you can see our normal-sized "Open" sign out front, then park in our parking lot. Before you leave the comfort of your vehicle, you can pause, ponder, and 
reminisce on what store used to occupy the space that we're in now.

After you contemplate your metaphysical existence and realize that you can't remember which other store, or stores, used to be here, you can come to the realization that none of that actually mattered anyway, because you're hungry and came here for a reason:
To enjoy the simple pleasures of life, one donut at a time.

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Chickenbutt Outside Picture 1.jpg
Chickenbutt Outside Sign Picture.jpg



2130 Dutch Fork Rd.

Suite B

Chapin, South Carolina 29036

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