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The Official T-Shirt, of the Official Donut Shop of Lake Murray, which happens to make the Offical Donut of Lake Murray.

(Saying all of that made me hungry. Perhaps I'll eat another dozen donuts, and pretend that I ate only one donut again. I mean, you can't let this waistline go to waste, am I right?)

Not my best joke. Anyway, here's some information about our wonderful t-shirt:

Be the envy of your friends and neighbors with our world-famous, dare we say - iconic - Chickenbutt Donuts T-Shirt.

Tell your best Dad Joke, while you wear this iconic t-shirt, while simultaneously rocking only the cleanest, most crispy White New Balance Sneakers that money can buy. Some people may even ask you where you got the New Balance Sneakers from, but don't reveal that you got them on clearance at PayLess - some things are just better left unsaid.

If your kids don't ask you "Guess What?" when you're wearing this shirt, then it's time to send them off to Dad Joke Bootcamp. They can eat some donuts if - and only if - they learn how to tell a proper Dad Joke that evokes more than a half-hearted smirk out of you.


If you don't have any budding standup comics for children, this may honestly take awhile. So while they're in Bootcamp, you can ponder on the little things in life while awaiting their graduation. Looking on the bright side of life, you can finally get some peace and quiet, and - more importantly - you can finally get the entire box of delicious Chickenbutt Donuts to yourself. No more sharing for you, at least, not until the kids return from Bootcamp.


In summary, wearing this shirt creates a win-win situation for you and your family, all thanks to this iconic t-shirt. Buy yours today!

Chickenbutt Donuts T-Shirt

Excluding Sales Tax
Color: White with Black Sleeves
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